Are Waist Beads Helpful for Weight Loss?

waist beads for weight loss

Waist Beads are an important part of African culture but they are popular among women all over the world. The African women wear waist beads for femininity, intimacy, womanhood, maturity, fertility, spiritual well-being, weight control & weight loss, body shaping and other purposes.

The waist beads are helpful for weight loss but there is a confusion about how they work. Many women wear waist beads for weight loss in daily routine but some women still doubt their effectiveness. The reason for doubting waist beads for weight loss is that they are not a part of scientifically proven equipment that can help you lose weight.

The African women have been wearing waist beads for several centuries. They have found that African waist beads keep their body in a good shape and also help for weight loss and weight management. You should read this post till end to know if waist beads are helpful for weight loss and if yes, how waist beads do that.

Do Waist Beads Offer Any Health Benefit?

Yes, waist beads offer so many health benefits including improve digestion, control appetite, strengthen core muscles, increase fertility and many others. You can gain all benefits of waist beads by tying them around your waistline.

The African waist beads, tied on your waist, help to balance your physical health and emotional health. The waist beads also provide healing, inner-peace, wisdom, harmony, abundance, hope, energy, joy, clarity and awareness. Many African women wear waist beads for spiritual growth like insight, self-realization and protection against evil or negative energy.

Are Waist Beads Helpful for Weight Loss?

Yes, waist beads are helpful for weight loss, weight control & management and body awareness. It is very interesting to know how waist beads help for weight loss as they don’t offer any sauna effect. Now, I will explain what waist beads actually do when tied on your waistline for helping in the weight loss journey.

How Do Waist Beads Help for Weight Loss?

The waist beads do four important tasks to help for weight loss in an effective way. The waist beads start working from the moment you tie them on your waistline. There is nothing magical when women say, “My waist beads help me lose weight!”. Now, I am going to explain how waist beads work on the wearer’s body to help her lose weight and improve her health.

#1. Keep Firm Control Over Waist and Stomach:

The waist beads keep firm control over your waist and stomach area. This helps to keep your body in shape and keep you aware about your body shape & weight. The waist beads for weight loss are not stretchy, so they don’t stretch when your waist and/or stomach expands.

When you gain weight, your waist/stomach expands but the waist beads stay firmly. As a result, you feel tightness in waist area which is an indication from the waist beads that you have gain some weight. So, the waist beads keep firm control on your midsection and inform you when you gain weight.

#2. Work as a Reminder for Weight Control:

In daily life, you may not have awareness about how much you eat in every meal. So, the waist beads work as a reminder for weight control. The firm fitting of waist beads around your waist & stomach remind that you are on a mission to lose weight. So, you can stay aware of what you eat and how much you eat throughout the day.

#3. No More Overeating (Control Appetite):

You need to tie waist beads firmly around your waist so that they can remind and prevent you from overeating. The firmly tied waist beads keep your stomach in control so that you don’t feel too much appetite that can lead to overeating and unnecessary weight gain.

#4. Improve Digestion:

When you eat food in a certain limit and stay hydrated, your digestive system improves automatically. Moreover, the glass beads and crystal stones of waist beads regulate your digestive system. As a result, your body properly digests all the food you eat which reduces the chances of unwanted weight gain.

In this way, the waist beads help you for weight loss and live a healthy life. You can keep your waist beads tied on your waist 24×7. In case you don’t feel comfortable when sleeping then take waist beads off before going to bed and wear them again in the next morning.

How to Lose Weight Fast with Waist Beads

The weight gain and weight loss are equally important for every person. Most women gain weight during pregnancy and they want to lose weight fast after postpartum recovery. Some critical illnesses and medication can also cause weight gain. No matter what was your cause of weight gain, now you want to know how to lose weight fast with waist beads and I am going to explain it.

The waist beads are helpful for weight loss and weight control/management. Being a woman, you can wear waist beads for fashion and to get all the benefits offered by African belly beads for women. Here I provide some important tips that will help you to use waist beads for weight loss fast and in a safe way.

  • Get a proper diet plan from a dietitian and follow it strictly to lose weight fast.
  • Take your breakfast, lunch and dinner on a fixed time everyday.
  • Do workout including all weight loss exercises on a regular basis.
  • Manage stress level with self-healing by adding pranayama, yoga and meditation to your daily routine.
  • Avoid junk food, oily food, processed food, sugary drinks, alcohol, nicotine and other unhealthy food & drinks.
  • Wear your waist beads firmly around your waist and keep them on your body all the time.

You can lose weight fast with waist beads and following the tips shared above.

FAQs about Waist Beads for Weight Loss and Body Shaping

The waist beads play an important role for weight loss and shaping your body. Here I provide some questions about waist beads for weight loss and their answers in brief as under.

Q.1 Which waist beads are best for weight loss?

The waist beads made with nylon string are best for weight loss because the nylon cord doesn’t stretch and doesn’t break easily.

Q.2 Where should I tie waist beads for weight loss?

You should tie waist beads for weight loss below the navel and above the hips. Make sure the waist beads are firm-fit i.e. neither too tight nor too loose.

Q.3 How do you lose weight with waist beads?

You can lose weight with waist beads by wearing waist beads firmly, following a healthy diet plan, doing daily exercise, managing stress and avoiding all unhealthy food & drinks.

Q.4 Do waist beads make your waist small?

Yes, waist beads hold your waist firmly from all directions to make it small and push the excess weight downwards which increases your hips.

The Wrapping Up:

In present time, millions of women wear waist beads for weight loss and they have achieved effective results. I have explained the role of waist beads in weight loss to help you understand how they work and how you can use waist beads to lose weight fast.

Kindly remember that you need to change your diet, manage stress and do exercise everyday along with wearing waist beads to lose weight. In case you still have queries then you can ask me in the comment section, I will be happy to answer your queries.

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