Do Waist Trainers Help with Loose Skin?

Do Waist Trainers Help with Loose Skin?

Creating a healthy lifestyle is a challenge for everyone in this modern era. Having loose skin around your waist or on belly is due to genetics and/or an imbalanced lifestyle but what’s the solution? Do waist trainers help with loose skin?

A waist trainer can help you stay active and do workout everyday. It makes you sweat more and improves blood circulation to make your skin healthy & glowing. However, it is still a mystery if waist trainers can help with loose skin or not. I am going to explain this for you, so keep reading ahead.

Why Do You Have Loose Skin or Saggy Skin?

Your body type mainly depends upon your genetics and it can cause loose skin around your waist. However, you can also get loose skin due to sudden weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy & childbirth and many other reasons. Here I provide some possible causes of loose skin as follows:

  1. Genetics/Heredity: You have received your physical and mental characteristics via genes from your parents. If one of your parents had loose skin after crossing a certain age, your chances of getting loose skin at similar age are very favorable.
  2. Weight Loss: When you lose a certain amount of weight (more than 5 lbs) without exercise and/or diet change, you can get loose skin around your waist and stomach.
  3. Pregnancy & Childbirth: Your body expands during pregnancy and becomes empty & loose after delivery of a child. Your uterus and abdominal muscles return to their original position/condition within 6-8 weeks after childbirth but the skin on your stomach & abdomen remain loose and saggy.
  4. Aging: As you get older, your whole body gets affected with aging factors. It also includes the elasticity of your skin as well. Your skin loses its elasticity over time as you become older and that’s why old people have wrinkles on their face. So, aging can also cause loose skin on face, arms, legs, belly, waist and other parts.
  5. Illness or Medical Condition: The people suffering from EDS or lymphoma or any other critical disease are more likely to get loose skin compared to the people living a healthy life.
  6. Other Causes: You can get loose or saggy skin because of overconsumption of alcohol, smoking, poor nutrition, dehydration, pollution, exposure to UV light and other physical or psychological reasons.

In addition to above mentioned causes, you can get loose skin because of other reasons too. No matter what is your cause of loose/saggy skin, you need to take action to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Can Waist Trainers Help with Loose Skin?

Yes, waist trainers help with loose skin with their high compression, firm support and sauna effect. The natural latex or neoprene material in waist trainers raises your core temperature to stimulate thermal activity around your midsection.

As your core temperature increases, the blood circulation is also increased in your midsection. The waist trainers make you sweat 3 times more than usual which increases sweat around your waist, belly and abdomen as well as removes toxins from your body.

The increased blood flow and perspiration with elimination of toxins make your skin firmer, fuller and healthier. The increased sweat makes you drink more water which is again good for your skin and overall health.

So, wearing a waist trainer everyday and doing workout can make your skin firmer compared to without it. If your skin is a bit loose near stomach or waist then the waist trainers can help with loose skin. In case you have more loose skin or saggy skin then the waist trainers can’t help.

How Much Loose Skin Can a Waist Trainer Shrink or Tighten?

A waist trainer can tighten your loose skin up to an extent with high compression and thermal activity. If you have a bit loose skin then a waist trainer can tone and tighten it but it cannot shrink or tighten so much of loose skin or saggy skin.

Many women have saggy skin around their waist or stomach which is too much for a waist trainer to tighten. The waist trainer can definitely hide it but it can’t tighten it enough to flatten your stomach or reshape your waist permanently.

The waist trainer can tighten a little loose skin but it cannot repair damaged skin or too much saggy skin.

Hide Your Loose Skin with a Waist Trainer

You can hide your loose skin with a waist trainer around your midsection. A waist trainer can easily hide the loose skin or saggy skin with its high compression. It does not only hide the loose skin but also reduces your waistline, flattens your stomach, eliminate FUPA & lower belly pooch and all fat rolls & bulges effectively.

A waist trainer gives consistent support to your back to help in back pain and lumbar pain. It also keeps your back upright to improve your posture. The best way to hide loose skin is to wear a waist trainer under clothes so that no one can notice loose skin and no one can find out that you have worn a waist trainer under your outfits.

Treatment Options for Loose Skin

When you have loose skin or saggy skin, you need an instant solution and a permanent solution. You can get the best waist trainer for belly fat/pooch to hide your loose, sagging skin temporarily. Now, I am going to share some treatment options that will help you get rid of loose skin permanently.

Surgical Method:

You can consult a surgeon (skin specialist) to discuss how a surgery can help you get rid of loose skin around your midsection. The doctor will check the loose skin and diagnose your physical condition. Thereafter s/he will advice a surgery for you to remove the excess sagging skin to bring your natural curves and body shape back.

Non-Surgical Method:

If you don’t want a surgery then go for lipo laser treatment or micro focused ultrasound (MFU) therapy. The non-surgical treatments are also effective to help you get rid of loose skin through several sessions.

Topical Creams

There are many topical creams available for skin. These creams increase the elasticity of skin so that the loose skin can be firmer again. You can use a skin cream for your loose skin after consulting with a dermatologist.

Long Term Method: Exercise and Diet Change

You can get rid of loose skin with the help of regular exercise and changing your diet. You need to consult a fitness coach and a dietitian to know how daily workout and a healthy diet plan can help with loose skin.

This method takes time, so you have to keep patience and keep following the plan for many weeks/months. You can wear a waist trainer to hide your loose skin temporarily so that you always look good and attractive.

Frequently Asked Questions

The waist trainers help with loose skin but not as much as you want and the results can be different for every person. Here I provide some important questions regarding waist trainers for loose skin to resolve your queries and help you find an appropriate solution for loose skin on your belly and waist.

Q.1 Will a waist trainer help saggy skin?

Yes, a waist trainer will help saggy skin with its high compression. It will compress and hide the saggy skin to make you look slim and attractive.

Q.2 Do waist trainers help with loose skin?

Yes, waist trainers help with loose skin, they promote thermal activity to increase perspiration, blood circulation and remove toxins to make your skin firmer and fuller. As a result, your skin becomes a bit firmer compared to earlier.

Q.3 How do I get rid of loose skin around my waist?

You can get rid of loose skin around your waist by wearing a waist trainer. For permanent solution, you can go under a surgery or a non-surgical method like lipo laser, MFU or other.

Q.4 How can I tighten my skin naturally?

You can tighten your skin naturally with the help of regular exercise and a healthy diet plan as well as staying away from alcohol, tobacco, smoking and other harmful things.

Q.5 How long does it take to tighten loose skin?

It takes 4 weeks to 8 months to tighten loose skin depending upon the amount of loose skin, person’s physical health and many other factors.


The loose skin on your midsection looks really weird. You can get rid of it with the help of a waist trainer, daily workout and by changing your diet. You can also go under a surgery to remove loose skin permanently. In case you have any query or question about waist trainers for loose skin then ask me in the comment box, I will answer your questions shortly.

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