How Many Hours a Day Should You Wear a Waist Trainer?

how many hours should you wear a waist trainer

You should wear a waist trainer for 8 to 10 hours a day to see results on your body shape. Waist Trainers are effective for creating an hourglass shape by waist slimming and tummy control.

However, the effectiveness of a waist trainer depends upon its type, the wearing period and some other factors as well. Like most waist trainer users, you also want to know how long you should wear a waist trainer in a day or week. You should continue reading to get the answer and know more about waist training.

Nowadays, millions of women and men are wearing waist trainers for various purposes. Some people wear a waist trainer for instant waist reduction, while some wear it during workout period and others wear it at occasions like weddings, birthdays, Christmas parties and functions. So, you need to decide your purpose of wearing a waist trainer and then I can give you the answer of “How long do I have to wear a waist trainer?” so that you can achieve desired results.

What is a Waist Trainer?

A waist trainer is a garment offering high compression to reduce your waistline to create an hourglass body shape. The waist trainers are made of either latex or neoprene and spandex, nylon+lycra, polyester and cotton materials. Some waist trainers have built-in steel bones, while others have plastic/acrylic bones.

How Long Do You Have to Wear a Waist Trainer to See Results?

You need to wear a waist trainer 8-10 hours per day for 6 to 8 weeks to see results on your body. If you really want a slimmer body on permanent basis then you have to exercise regularly and eat low-fat food along with wearing a waist trainer everyday.

The effective of a waist trainer depends upon the type of waist trainer, its size compatibility with your body and your genetics. Now, I will explain the types of waist trainers to help you understand how it affects their effectiveness or results.

Types of Waist Trainers with Different Purposes

The waist trainer type defines whether you should wear a waist trainer for 1-2 hours or 8-10 hours per day or at occasions only. Every waist trainer is crafted and designed for a purpose and it works great when you use it for the same.

For example: A sweater can save you from cold weather, so you must wear it during the winter and not in the summer or rainy season. The same way, there are 3 main types of waist trainers, each waist trainer type is designed for a different purpose that you should know before you select a waist trainer for yourself.

  1. Steel Boned Waist Trainer Corset for Everyday Use
  2. Flexible Boned Waist Trainer Cincher for Occasional Use
  3. Sauna Waist Trainer Belt for Workout Use

Now, I am going to explain all three types of waist trainers in brief.

#1. Steel Boned Waist Trainer Corset for Everyday Use

The steel boned corset is suitable for daily waist training, postpartum recovery support, post abdominal surgery support and weight loss goals. You can wear it under your clothes to hide it from others and get a slimmer look instantly. If you have a sensitive skin then you should wear a T-shirt or tank top to avoid rashes and skin infections. It is also suitable for wearing over the clothes during workout at home or gym.

It is generally made of latex to provide high compression and the steel bones provide rigid plus consistent support to give quick shaping. It reduces your waistline by 3 to 5 inches instantly to give you a slimmer waist in no-time.

The steel boned waist trainer corset comes with hook & eye closure on front and a zipper for added security. Some waist trainers also have laces on back to offer adjustable fitting.

It has 9 to 26 steel bones to support back, improve posture and prevent your waist trainer from rolling up/down. So, it is easy to put on and off as well as gives you firm fitting to allow wearing it as long as you want. You should wear it for 8 to 10 hours everyday to get effective results.

#2. Flexible Boned Waist Trainer Cincher for Occasional Use

The flexible boned waist trainer cincher is not as rigid as the steel boned latex waist trainer. It may contain 4 to 6 spiral steel bones or acrylic/plastic bones that are flexible yet supportive. It provides firm compression but the compression level is not as much as the 9 to 26 steel boned corsets.

The flexible boned waist cincher is made to wear for occasional purposes. Like every woman, you want to look good at parties, functions and other occasions. A high quality waist trainer cincher can help you for that. It is made of nylon, lycra, polyester/polyamide, cotton and spandex soft fabrics. It has either hook & eye closure and/or zipper closure or velcro belt to allow adjustable fitting for you.

The flexible boning inside your waist trainer cincher provides consistent support and prevents it from rolling up/down when in use. It provides firm compression to reduce 1-2 inches from your waist and also control your tummy & abdomen fat. It is designed for occasional use, so you should wear it always under clothes when going to an occasion like wedding, party, Christmas, function, club, cosplay and others.

#3.Sauna Waist Trainer Belt for Workout Use

The sauna waist trainer belt is a workout waist trainer for women and men. It means that you should wear this waist trainer during workout time only. It is generally made of extra thick CR neoprene in the main layer and nylon/lycra, spandex and elastic/cotton in outer and inner layers.

The sauna waist trainer increases your core temperature to promote thermogenic activity. As a result, you get 3 to 5 times more sweat during exercise which helps you to burn more fat & calories to lose weight. It comes with a high quality double velcro closure for firm fitting and adjustability.

How Long Should You Wear a Waist Trainer for First Time? [for Beginners]

The waist trainers are suitable for wear everyday but the number of hours per day depends upon you. The beginners should not wear a waist trainer for 8-10 hours on first day. If you have never used a waist trainer and recently bought one then you need to be careful. Your body is not familiar with a waist trainer, therefore you should not behave like a pro and follow a beginner’s guide to waist training given below.

  • Start wearing the waist trainer for 1 hour per day and have patience.
  • After 2-3 days, you can increase your waist training period to 1.5 hours or 2 hours if you feel comfortable.
  • You can also skip wearing the waist trainer for 1 day if you need a break but don’t postpone it out of laziness.
  • At the end of first week, you should increase the number of hours to 3 hours and keep increasing it every 2-3 days as per your comfort.
  • If you feel discomfort or breathing difficulty, take the waist trainer off immediately. You should avoid wearing the waist trainer on days when you are ill or not feeling well in stomach.
  • After one month, you may be able to wear your waist trainer for 6-7 hours a day.
  • Make sure that the waist trainer is in the right size to fit properly and comfortably around your waist.
  • If your skin is allergic to latex/neoprene then don’t wear the waist trainer on bare skin. You can wear a T-shirt or tank top under the waist trainer to save your skin from rashes, irritation and infections.
  • For effective workout results, you should keep wearing the waist trainer during your daily workout session.

How Long Does It Take to Adjust with a New Waist Trainer?

It takes one week to adjust with a new waist trainer for experienced users and four weeks (one month) for beginners. When you buy a waist trainer for first time, you are a beginner and you should follow the guideline or instructions given above. However, you may need some time to adjust with a new waist trainer even if you are not a beginner.

The regular waist trainer users are required to change their waist trainer and they also have to train their waist for a new waist trainer. It happens because you were using a waist trainer of same brand/model for several months or a year. Now, you have bought a waist trainer of a different brand or model or material. It may possible that your waist is smaller now and you have chosen a smaller size waist trainer for yourself.

The change in size or material can make you feel unfamiliar with a new waist trainer. So, you need to give some time to your body to adjust with a new waist trainer. You should wear it for 2-3 hours a day instead or 8-10 hours like the previous waist trainer. You can also wear it for 2 hours then take a break of 1 hour, then wear it again for 2 hours and take a break. This will save you from unwanted discomfort and help your body to be familiar with the new waist trainer.

How Long Do Waist Trainer Results Last?

The waist trainer results last for a few hours only, then your body will return to its previous shape. The waist trainer reduces your waistline by 3 to 5 inches instantly, it also controls your tummy & abdomen to eliminate fat from that part. It also supports your back to keep it upright to improve your posture and relieve back pain.

However, all these waist trainer results are temporary. If you want permanent results with a waist trainer then keep reading ahead.

The waist trainer is designed to provide high compression plus support to keep your midsection in control. You can get a slimmer waist, a tummy/belly & abdomen and an attractive figure by combining the waist trainer with daily exercise and a low-fat diet plan.

You should learn various exercises that affect directly to your waist, belly, abdomen and back, you should also get a proper diet plan from a dietitian. By doing this, you can make your waist trainer results last forever as you will get permanent results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wearing a waist trainer can give you an hourglass figure instantly but should you wear it everyday? How long should you wear it and for how many days or weeks? In order to answer all such questions, I have collected some important FAQs about waist trainer and waist training and their answers in brief. You should read all questions and answers given below to clear your doubts and start using your waist trainer in an ideal way from today.

Do you have to wear a waist trainer everyday?

Yes, you have to wear a waist trainer everyday to get an hourglass body shape to look more attractive.

How many days a week should I wear waist trainer?

You should wear your waist trainer all seven days of a week for 8 to 10 hours a day if you are comfortable with it. If you are a beginner then you should wear it for 1-2 hours a day for 3 days then skip it for 1 day, then wear it for 3 days. Because the beginners need more time to be familiar with a waist trainer.

How long a day should you wear a waist trainer?

You should wear a waist trainer for 8 to 10 hours a day to get effective results.

What happens if you wear a waist trainer all day?

It may weaken your core muscles if you wear a waist trainer all day. As a result, it may lead to back pain and poor posture like problems.

Can you sleep with a waist trainer on?

No, you cannot sleep with a waist trainer on as it may create breathing difficulties and discomfort during sleep. So, sleeping with a waist trainer is neither safe nor comfortable for you.

Final Thoughts:

The waist trainers are very effective to give you an attractive figure in no-time. You can achieve an hourglass body shape by wearing a waist trainer for 8-10 hours a day for several weeks/months. If you wear a waist trainer for 8 hours/day, do exercise on daily basis and follow a low-fat diet chart then you can achieve permanent results from your waist trainer. In case you have a query then ask me in the comment section, I will be happy to answer it as soon as possible.

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