What is A Waist Trainer? Do Waist Trainer Really Work?

What is A Waist Trainer

Waist trainers are very popular among young and middle aged women. It is a piece of cloth with some wires inside to shape the waistline by shrinking it. However, it is important to know the key details before you start using a waist trainer at home.

The best waist trainers reduce your waistline instantly to help you look slimmer but they also push your midsection that can affect your internal organs. So, are waist trainers good or not? You need to read this post to find out the answer, so go ahead.

What is A Waist Trainer?

A waist trainer is a high compression garment to give a slimmer shape by reducing the waistline. Most waist trainers are made of latex and fabric or similar materials with steel boning inside to create enough amount of pressure needed for an hourglass shape.

In order to provide tight fitting around waist, the waist trainers have either lacing or hooks & eyes closure and zipper or other fasteners. The main purpose of wearing a waist trainer is to get instant reduction in the waistline, many waist trainer brands claim to reduce the waist by 3 to 5 sizes/inches instantly.

A waist trainer can be a cincher, corset or shapewear and each of them offers a different amount of compression.

What is Waist Training?

The waist training is a process of wearing a steel boned waist trainer corset/cincher on a regular basis. I have explained what a waist trainer is and now I am taking you one step further with explaining what waist training is and how it is different from a waist trainer.

[A] Traditional Approach:

According to traditional viewpoint, the term “waist training” defines that you need to train your waist to wear a waist trainer everyday so that you look slimmer and more attractive. The beginners (first time users) are required to train their waist for a few days to be familiar with the waist trainer.

The waist training experts recommend that you should start your waist training journey by wearing the waist trainer only one hour a day. You should wear it for one hour for a few days and then gradually increase the hours/period.

[B] Modern Approach:

The modern perspective about waist training is a bit different compared to the traditional perspective. It defines “waist training” as a combined process of wearing a waist trainer, doing workout and maintaining proper diet on a regular basis. Basically, the women with modern approach set a goal of weight loss and achieving an attractive figure with help of waist training including all three steps of the process.

So, the waist trainers play an important role for women who want to look slimmer at various occasions. They also help women in postpartum recovery as well as allow them to wear their old dresses/outfit again.

Do Waist Trainers Really Work?

Yes, the waist trainers really work on your waistline from the first time you wear it. From the moment you wear a waist trainer, it instantly reduces your waist size by 2-3 inches. The waist trainers also hide the belly fat and the compression helps to create an hourglass like shape.

Do Waist Trainers Really Work?
Do Waist Trainers Really Work?

The primary job of any waist trainer is to reduce the waist size by high compression. Almost all waist trainers are effective in this job but do waist trainers offer permanent changes to your waistline? The answer is NO, the waist trainers instantly reduce your waist size and keep it slim as long as you are wearing it but not permanently.

Your midsection/waist will return to its previous shape soon after you remove/stop wearing the waist trainer.

In order to change your waist size permanently, you need to combine all 3 steps of waist training as per the modern approach. You already know the first step i.e. wear your waist trainer everyday, begin with only one hour per day and gradually increase it to six to eight hours per day. The second step is workout, do at least one hour of workout everyday to burn fat and lose weight. Finally, the third step is diet, create a healthy diet chart for yourself and stick to it to get best results of waist training on your body.

Who Can Use Waist Trainers?

Both the men and women can use waist trainers for looking slimmer and appealing. The waist trainers were first made for women only as women are more conscious of their body shape and appearance.

Moreover, the women have to go through various physical changes during pregnancy and childbirth. However, the waist training experts later realized that men are also conscious about their appearance and body shape. Therefore, in present time, there are best waist trainers for women and best waist trainers for men are available to buy.

The celebrities who endorse waist trainers are mostly women actors and the same impact is visible among the waist trainer users across the United States and the world. To be specific on who can use waist trainers, the answer is every person (man/woman) can use waist trainers except being pregnant or have a critical health condition.

Note: The pregnant women should NOT use waist trainers. All men and women with critical/severe health problems should consult their doctor before using waist trainers to avoid harmful consequences.

Benefits of Waist Trainers

The effects of waist trainers are not permanent still I must say that they are effective. The temporary effects of a waist trainer encourage you to do waist training to attain a slimmer waistline on permanent basis. According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) blog, the waist trainers provide some profound benefits that I am going to explain one by one as follows.

#1. Hourglass Figure:

The waist trainers bring instant change in your waistline by reducing a few inches with help of high compression. As a result, your midsection will change into an hourglass figure by wearing the waist trainer. The women who are conscious about their figure love this amazing benefit of the waist trainer and therefore they wear it everyday.

#2. Weight Loss:

Along with reducing your waist, the waist trainers also help for weight loss. The waist trainer shrinks your waist including your belly, abdomen and back. This shrinking is performed with high compression of steel bones to reduce your waist size and make you look slimmer. As a result, the waist trainer prevents unwanted water/liquid retention in your midsection which leads to a bit of weight loss.

The weight loss you experience by wearing a waist trainer is not impressive. But it is obvious that wearing a garment cannot help you to lose weight. However, the waist trainer will show some weight loss that can encourage you to wear it regularly.

#3. More Sweating:

The waist trainers increase the amount of sweating than your prior experience. For example: you experience sweating when you wash/clean your car in the garage. If you wash your car while wearing a waist trainer then you will sweat more. This is the reason for many people prefer to wear the waist trainer while doing workout at home or gym. When you do physical activities, the toxins get out of your body in the form of sweat which makes your healthier.

#4. Improved Posture:

The waist trainer cover your midsection from all directions. Not only that, it also tightly holds your waist by high compression steel bones. The compression of the waist trainer reminds you to sit straight and keep your back straight all the time. When you sit with your back straight, it will automatically improve your posture.

#5. Reduced Appetite:

The waist trainer is a garment filled with steel bones to compress your midsection. When your waist, stomach and abdomen are compressed or restricted, you may feel full by eating a limited amount of food. It means that the waist trainer can reduce your appetite to prevent you from overeating habits. However, it can be harmful if the waist trainer does not allow you to eat enough food with vitamins and minerals required for your health.

#6. Postpartum Support:

After childbirth, the woman enters the postpartum period when she needs some support for her stretched abdomen muscles. A waist trainer provides enough amount of support during postpartum to reduce the pain & discomfort and help the abdomen muscles to get back into their original state again.

#7. Motivation:

The waist trainer gives instant reduction in waist size to make you look slimmer. When women see their attractive body shape & figure with the waist trainer, they get motivated to attain that body shape on permanent basis. The waist trainer encourages you to wear it daily, do workout and plan a healthy diet to lose weight as well as get an attractive waistline in the long run.

Are Waist Trainers Safe? Possible Risks with Waist Trainers

Yes, the waist trainers are safe as long as you feel comfortable wearing it longer. Since the waist trainers came into existence, the health experts have raised questions about people’s safety when using waist trainers. The waist trainers offer many great benefits in short term, they also cause some risks related to health and safety of the user. Here I provide all possible risks with waist trainers as follows.

#01. Temporary Results:

The waist trainers are designed to provide many benefits like slimmer waist, improved posture, increased sweating, reduced appetite and others. However, all benefits or changes offered by waist trainers are temporary and short-term. The waist trainers only are not able to bring any permanent change as well as they don’t provide any long-term change in your body shape or waistline.

#02. Restricted Breathing:

The waist trainer compresses your entire midsection and it can restrict your breathing if you have worn it too tight. The compression of a steel boned waist trainer can reduce your lung capacity that directly affects your breathing ability.

It does not restrict the breathing completely but it causes reduction in breathing capacity which can also reduce the amount of oxygen in your body and brain. With reduced oxygen level, you may face unexpected problems related to your physical health and mental health.

#03. Movement Restriction:

The waist trainer covers your midsection i.e. your waist, stomach/belly, abdomen and back. While wearing the waist trainer with high compression, you cannot move your midsection properly. Even if you are doing workout/exercise, the waist trainer will restrict the movement of your abdomen muscles and other muscles in the midsection.

#04. Internal Organ Damage:

The waist trainer contains steel bones that give high compression around your waist. Such compression not only pressurizes the belly fat and back bulges but also affects the internal organs. The waist trainer compresses your midsection to shrink it in an hourglass shape and at the same time, it forces your internal organs to shift their position and location.

By forcing the internal organs to unnatural positions, the waist trainers can cause severe health problems related to kidneys, liver and other organs.

#05. Weaken Digestive System:

The digestive system of every human body is managed by esophagus, stomach, intestines and relevant organs. The waist trainer can affect these organs when compressing the midsection and it will definitely create digestive issues in your body.

The intestines need some space to process the food you have eaten and absorb nutrition from food. The waist trainer keeps the entire midsection including intestines compressed which may lead to poor digestion of food and other issues.

Too much pressure around your stomach can cause acid reflux, heartburn, gas, constipation, over-burping and related problems. The people with digestive issues should not wear a waist trainer without consulting with their doctor.

#06. Reduce Eating Capacity:

The people with overeating habits often feel that the waist trainer is helpful to control their habit. However, the waist trainer keeps your stomach and abdomen squeezed tightly to change your body shape instantly. It also makes you feel full in stomach even if you have had a little food.

If you don’t eat enough food and liquid needed in your body, it will invited many unwanted health problems in near future. So, it is more important to eat healthy food with vitamins and minerals your body needs to live a happy life than just forcing your body to get an hourglass shape.

Frequently Asked Questions About Waist Trainers

The waist trainers are very useful as well as dangerous sometimes. People buy waist trainers with an aim of weight loss, attaining attractive figure/shape and get instant reduction in their waist size.

However, it is important to know what a waist trainer does before you buy one for yourself or your spouse. Here I provide some helpful questions about waist trainers and their functioning, you should refer all FAQs and their answers given as follows.

What exactly does a waist trainer do?

A waist trainer compresses your midsection as tightly as possible to shrink it into an hourglass shape. The purpose of wearing a waist trainer is to reduce your waist size instantly to look slimmer and more attractive.

Does a waist trainer reduce belly fat?

No, a waist trainer does not reduce belly fat but it squeezes the stomach tightly to hide the belly fat on temporary basis. If you really want to reduce your belly fat then do workout and have a proper diet on daily basis.

When should I use a waist trainer?

You should use a waist trainer occasionally to get a slimmer look instantly at wedding functions, birthday parties, corporate meetings and other occasions. The people with a fitness/weight loss goal should also use a waist trainer as a reminder for sitting up straight and eating low-fat foods.

How long do you have to wear a waist trainer to see results?

You have to wear a waist trainer for 8 to 10 hours a day for weeks or months to see results. The beginners should start wearing a waist trainer only 1 hour per day and increase the time period gradually to 7-8 hours per day. It may take several weeks to make your body familiar/comfortable with the waist trainer and see results on your body shape.

Can I sleep with a waist trainer?

No, you cannot sleep with a waist trainer as it holds your midsection tightly which is not recommended at all. According to health experts, your whole body needs to be free when you are sleeping so that the oxygen should flow throughout your body and brain.

Wrapping Up:

I have explained what a waist trainer is and how it works. Now, I am concluding this discussion with an important suggestion. You should get one of the best waist trainers for yourself and wear it with limited compression. It will help you get a good shape and won’t cause any health risks. If you still have a query or doubt regarding waist trainers then leave your queries in comment section below, I will answer your queries soon.

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